If you have arrived on our website you must LOVE WOOL. WELCOME.

If you don’t love wool it’s probably not the best place for you. UNLESS you’re looking for a present!

If you’re unsure! Our Boiled Wool is made using only the best yarn that is softened during boiling. Ask for a swatch and live with it for a while.

We design our jackets for Comfort and Style.

One Jacket lots of occasions.

Boiled Wool does it all.

Boiled wool garments in different colours

Boiled Wool Jackets

Comfort is important

Comfort and Style is EVERYTHING!

Shop with confidence 28 years experience.

No ones arm is ever too short or long. They are the correct length for your height.

Dual Sized!!! Not a problem chat with Me

Standard sizes or Made to Measure

Quality Guarantee

To produce the highest quality garment made from the best quality yarn.

So every customer can look and feel amazing.