Boiled Wool Jackets and Accessories

One jacket many occasions. Ideal for weddings, out to lunch, the office, theatre and church on Sunday. Soft boiled wool sweaters for everyday cosy and warm.

Colourful Fabric

The new fabric arrived for trimming the jackets. Our own unique design.

 Boiled wool is ideal for coats its cosy, warm and showerproof. The stylish designs make them smart and easy to wear.

All our outdoor wear have large functional pockets.

Multi spot pattern

To all the wool lovers out there WELCOME

We use Merino lambswool spun in the uk sourced from Australia and NewZealand. Its finer and for people who are more sensitive it is entirely itch free. If you would like a sample please request by email on the contact page.

Our new pashminas are made in a cashmere modal Blend to suit everyone.

Quality Guarantee

To produce the highest quality garment made from the best quality yarn.


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Standard sizes and made to measure.

No ones arms are ever too long or short. They are the correct length for your height.

Dual sized! Not a problem chat with me.

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