All the colours shown in a row of jackets . From Navy’s to greys .

Choosing colours the fun part !

When ordering there is a drop down of colours on each garment . These are colours you might of seen that particular garment in at a show . 

If you want to choose your own colour select None!

Then pick your colour from this page . You can add your choice in the extra details section when filling in your address etc . 

If you’re trying to match colours please request swatches first again use the contact page. 

Orders take 4-6 weeks we will confirm the delivery times when you’ve ordered. 

Now for Sizes. The please be honest part !

The size chart is the general one we follow .


For those of you who like me are not a standard size. YES mine are always made specially .

We even make them dual sized !!! Or just half a size bigger!

Making to Measurements

If you are happy to measure please be honest. There’s only me knows, I make the patterns and I won’t tell the world

We will need bust, waist, hip and your height. If you feel you have big biceps measure around the widest parts and add them too the list.

If you’re giving me measurements select none in the size drop down! When I receive your order I will email/ or chat to you requesting the measurements . A made to measure garment is the same price.

I understand completely when you need a little bit more on the length. (I’m always grateful my bottom is behind me where I can’t see it )

Ring or email me if you need help with any of this. If you feel you need to see us you can make an appointment to call at the workshop or meet at a show.


I have been making garments for a long time. We are not all the same! I think after 28 years I’m a professional. BUT we are all human and sometimes things go wrong. We would never leave you with a garment you can not wear. We will alter any garments you are not happy with . This is easily done after a chat on the phone. I can talk you through the additional information I will need .