Event List for 2020

I remember the days in school when we were asked to design/draw how we thought things would look in the year 2000. We all thought things would be space agey!!! Funny how your mind works as a school child. Here we are another 20 years on and let’s face it other than technology not a lot has changed.

S0 here’s the event list for 2020 only a few changes but they are there. 


17-19 RHS Cardiff. Bute Park Cardiff

They are planning a move around in the show but wherever they put us we will still be with the amazing talented artists designers and craftsman. 


7-10 Living Crafts at Hatfield House Hertfordshire.

The dates are similar to last year but the Friday, this year only, is VE Day Bank Holiday. 

22-24 New Event Living Crafts at Cirencester Park.

Nice to have a new event.

29-31 Gardening Scotland. Royal Highland show ground Ingliston.

I will be in the flower hall as usual. Theres a new layout which is looking good.


18-21  The Royal Highland Show.      

We will be in the 3d2d marquee .


3-5 The Scottish Gamefair at Scone Palace Perthshire.     

  Great outdoor show . We will be in the 3d2d marquee


8-30 Edinburgh Festival .

We will be returning to St Johns Church for the festival . On the corner of Lothian Rd and Princess St . A must in everyone’s calendar . There is so much talent on show at St Johns