The 2020 Roadshow

I remember the days in school when we were asked to draw how we thought things would be in the year 2000. We all thought things would be space agey!! Funny how your mind works as a school child. Here we are 20 years on from that and let's face it other than technology not a lot has changed.  

The event list for 2020 not many changes but a few.


17-19 RHS Cardiff. Bute Park Cardiff

We are with Craft Folk as before in the red and white marquees. This year they have a new layout but we will be easy to find with the amazingly talented artist designers and craftsmen


7-10 Living Crafts at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire. Beautiful location and grounds. The picture is taken in the grounds lovely spot down near the river.

22-24 New Event Living Crafts at Cirencester Park. Nice to have a new event .

29-31 Gardening Scotland. At the Royal Highland Showground Ingliston. I will be in the flower hall. Theres a new layout which is looking good.


18-21 The Royal Highland Show. Ingliston. Showing with 3D2D events.


3-5 The Scottish Gamefair at Scone Palace Perthshire. Great outdoor show. We will be in the 3D2D marquee.


8-30 Edinburgh Festival. The Westend Art Craft and Design Fair with 3d2d. We will be returning to St Johns Church on the corner of Princess St and Lothian Rd. A must in everyones calendar there's so much talent on show at St Johns.

We visited Edinburgh during the year and took this picture of the grounds at St Johns. How different it looks in August when we take over the site.

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